About Us

Who we are

At Digiteka, we are the european leader of premium video syndication.
In 2007, we launched Ultimedia.com the first premium video cloud solution. Entirely designed to manage copyrights, syndicate and monetize video content online, across all devices and supports.
DIGITEKA is currently operating in 15 countries
across the globe and recently opened new offices in London (UK), Madrid (Spain) and Mexico DF (Mexico).

What we do

Digiteka partners with thousands of professional video producers offering them an innovating solution to manage copyrights, distribute and monetize their content.
Publishers can now access millions of premium videos for free and offer new video experiences to their audience while generating new revenue streams via video advertising monetization.
DigiAds: Advertisers and advertising agencies access the widest premium video inventory available, target the right audience on top Nielsen publishers website and applications and increase their campaign ROI and success.
Digiteka developed patented technologies MultiAdServer & MultiPlayer VideoAdserver to optimize video monetization and reduce unsold instream inventory.

What we believe in

Let’s avoid endless formal notices and proceedings against publishers. We, at DIGITEKA, have decided to defend a rule of balance between right-holders and publishers and promote a new approach for right-holders:
We think advertising revenue need to be shared between right-holders and publishers.
To achieve this evolution we created a new win-win business model.
“Extend your video distribution authorizations and expand your inventory: this is the best (and only) way for content producers and right-holders to undertake the digital video revolution!”
The more content are displayed and shared, the faster publishers will grow their audience and incomes.


For further information, click here to contact us or visit our website at: www.ultimedia.com