About Us

Who we are

Digiteka are the European leader for quality video solutions; providing syndicated, premium video, with guaranteed security
and satisfaction for rights-holders and publishers.
Founded in 2007, Digiteka launched Ultimedia.com – the first video cloud solution, designed to manage copyright and provide syndicated, monetisable video online.

In 2017, Digiteka now operate in 15 different countries worldwide, with new offices in London, Madrid and Mexico.

What we do

Digiteka are partnered with thousands of professional content producers, who we offer an innovative solution to manage copyright and distribute video.
Publishers can access this quality content for free, enhancing their website and generating new ad revenue through monetisation; this creates a win-win dynamic for both publishers and content producers.
Through DigiADS, advertisers then have access to the widest quality inventory available, successfully target demographic with top Nielsen publishers, exponentially increasing the success of their ad campaigns.

With our patented technology, advertisers and publishers can optimise monetisation by reducing unsold inventory.

Why choose Digiteka

At Digiteka, we believe in fair distribution of ad revenue between rights-holders and publishers; our unique approach creates a dynamic that works for EVERYONE.
To achieve this goal, we have developed a “win-win” business model:
Extend authorisation of video distribution and expand your inventory.
The more content is shared and displayed, the faster you will grow your audience and revenue. This is the only way to approach digital monetisation, ending endless notices and proceedings against publishers.


For further information, click here to contact us or visit our website at: www.ultimedia.com