2005                Creation of Dailymotion and YouTube : Broadcasting and sharing of amateur videos

2007                Launch of Ultimedia.com : 1st free official video syndication for media and pure players

2008                First deals Producers – Sharing Video Websites

2010                The Media want to become video broadcasters :

– Sharing websites became competitors to traditional Media

– Thanks to videos, visitors stay longer on a webpage (+2.30 min/video)

– Videos generate high advertising revenues


  • 2010/2014     Digiteka allows about 500 media to become video broadcasters !




We, at DIGITEKA, decided to defend a rule of balance between rights-holders and publishers, and promote a new approach for rights-holders:

“Extend your video distribution authorizations and expand your inventory: this is the best (and only) way for content producers and rights-holders to undertake the digital video revolution!”

This is why Digiteka created a new win-win business model:

Revenues are shared between the Rights-Holders, Publishers and Advertisers.

So, the more content is created and shared on the web, the higher the revenues are for everybody!