Innovation is certainly part of Digiteka’s DNA. Our R&D department is at the center of our company and its development.



In the last 5 years, our R&D department has been investing a lot of time into the technological and functional innovation of sourcing, rights management and video monetization.

Digiteka has created the ultimedia.com solution, which enables rights-holders to safely manage, distribute and monetize their online content.

Digiteka is the editor of the music video website Jukebox (jukebox.co.uk) which reflects our expertise in international rights management.

Digiteka also advises companies on their video inventory development strategy.

Many web and media companies benefit from the expertise of our Technology & Webmarketing specialists.


  • What we do in engineering :

petit point Architecture, Conception & Development of web applications (LAMP – PHP, ZEND, Symphony, Java, .Net, Oracle, SQL)
petit point Web integration & new medias development (CSS2, Javascript, HTML, Flash, Flex, IPHONE, Digital TV, etc.)
petit point CMS integration and parametring (Drupal, WordPress, Google Apps, , etc.)
petit point Engineering & Administration system & networks LINUX
petit point Conception and development of search robots (search, relevance analysis, qualification of media content, expert systems)
petit point Conception of expert systems for management of rights online


  • What we do in Consulting and Webmarketing :

petit point Consulting in natural search
petit point Development and animation of affiliated networks


  • Our website Jukebox.co.uk shows our know-how in technology and Video Marketing :


  • Some facts :

petit point More than 1 million visits/month

petit point 60% of traffic coming from natural search

petit point 25% of direct access to the site

petit point 15% coming from partners

petit point More than 30 search robots for qualification and control of content


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