Smart OVP Platform is the next-generation solution for hosting, broadcasting and monetising your own videos on your website and apps.


A solution for premium hosting and streaming

complete and versatile solution backed by a team with 24/7 support : 4 Data Centers – Multi-device – SD / HD – SLA & Support.


A 100%-customizable player

– Ad hoc launching modes (Video and sound)

– Across different formats: Instream, Smart Player, contextual or not…

– A clean player: No outbound clicks, optimized for Google SEO


An automatic publication and multi-channel distribution

Manage and distribute your videos directly onto YouTube, Dailymotion, your website and various other platforms!


Detailed broadcast statistics

Using internal tools, get detailed analytics on video content that has been uploaded (viewing, visibility, virality, users profile,…)


Video ROI monitoring

Through Digiteka OVP producers can stay on top of revenues and marginsgenerated by videos, see which catalogue/categories from your content are performing best and maximise profits!


Optimise Ad Real Estate

Track the monetisation of your ad spaces via the relevant distribution channels and monitor the reach of your ad’s KPI.
Ensure that video content is being monetized either via your ad agency, the agency of your choice or through our Premium ad agency:


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